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Alpha button, differences and installation methods
The variety of clothes makes most people dizzy today. Each product uses a differenttypes of sewing accessories that make our clothes practical, beautiful and unique. One of these types of fittings isclothing button. The button makes it easy to connect two pieces of clothing or accessory. The first patent for the production of clothing buttons was registered in 1885. For over 100 years we have been using this type of fittings in our everyday life. Modernalpha buttons are identical and similar in structure to the original samples. The alpha button consists of 4 parts, when connected, a full-fled..
How to install buttons, eyelets and other sewing accessories?
There are many methods of installing sewing accessories, ranging from a hammer and ending with professional equipment that can install several types of sewing accessories at the same time. Consider the most appropriate method of installation using a press and special nozzles (matrices). Manual installation of sewing accessories with the help of a hammer and special tips will not be considered, since a large number of defects are associated with this method, as well as a poor choice of nozzles. But, as for me, for home use several times a year is quite a good way. Therefore, the best option for..