Alpha button, differences and installation methods

Alpha button, differences and installation methods The variety of clothes makes most people dizzy today. Each product uses a differenttypes of sewing accessories that make our clothes practical, beautiful and unique. One of these types of fittings isclothing button. The button makes it easy to connect two pieces of clothing or accessory. The first patent for the production of clothing buttons was registered in 1885. For over 100 years we have been using this type of fittings in our everyday life. Modernalpha buttons are identical and similar in structure to the original samples. The alpha button consists of 4 parts, when connected, a full-fledged fastening mechanism is formed, consisting of two bases. The upper part consists of a cap and a contact spring piece with two parallel wires resembling the letter S. These buttons are also called s-shaped buttons. The lower part of the fastening mechanism consists of a leg and a papilla, which is fixed in the upper part and clamped by the springs of the contact piece. The hat is installed on the right side of the upper fabric, the leg - on the wrong side of the lower fabric. The main differences between the alpha button are the diameter of the fastening mechanism and the head. The main and most common alpha button has a 15 mm head and fastening mechanism. The next size of clothing buttons has a 12.5 mm head diameter, they are called alpha button # 54. At the same time, the fastening mechanism is also different from the previous button size. The smallest size has a 9.5 mm head diameter and is called the VT-2 alpha button. This button is used when sewing leather goods, bags, gloves, wallets. The fastening mechanism of the vt-2 button is less weak than with large diameters. Thus, we have identified 3 sized types of s-shaped buttons alpha 15 mm, no. 54, VT-2. Accordingly, each type has the diameters of the caps 15 mm, 12.5 mm, 9.5 mm. The fastening mechanisms are different in each size type and require a separate matrix for installation. These dimensional types are used by Turkish manufacturers of metal fittings. They are the most popular and common types of buttons. When replacing or installing s-shaped alpha buttons, it is possible to use a hand tool in the form of a hole punch, a press with dies or an automatic machine. The most successful and most acceptable installation method is a hand press and the corresponding dies. In this case, to set each of the above-listed alpha buttons, a corresponding matrix is ​​needed. The matrix consists of 4 parts. Upon visual inspection, it is intuitively clear into which punch the corresponding button part is inserted. This method is the simplest and contributes to the highest quality installation of the alpha button at home and at work.The alpha buttons don't end there. There are buttons with head diameters of 17 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. The fastening mechanism in these buttons has a diameter of 15 mm. Thus, for installation, the main matrix for the alpha button is 15 mm, but the punch for the cap must be purchased in addition with the corresponding diameter of 17 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm.Also, there are alpha buttons with different sizes of the fastening mechanism from the main s-shaped buttons 15 mm, No. 54, VT-2. Buttons with an internal mechanism diameter of 13.5 mm. In this case, the fastening mechanism of such buttons is used the same for all diameters of the hats. In this case, it simplifies the process of installing a 13.5 mm alpha button, since you need to buy a matrix for the required cap diameter and buy only punches for the corresponding caps. This type of alpha button with a fastening mechanism diameter of 13.5 mm is used by Chinese manufacturers, therefore it is now very often found on mass-produced clothing. Alpha buttons with hats of an unusual flat shape, it is necessary to install a punch of the corresponding shape of the cap, otherwise, when using a standard matrix, you will simply crush the hat and ruin the button. Hats with stones should also be installed on punches with corresponding indentations. When using a silicone substrate with a thickness of 2-3 mm, it is possible to install buttons with stones on a regular matrix. If you are an advanced wizard and have a set of matrices or want to buy matrices for all kinds of alpha buttons over time, you will have a chance to combine fastening mechanisms with different diameters of hats, while creating unusual solutions for yourself and your clients.Caps for buttons differ in diameter, but also in the thickness of the leg, which is squeezed and fixes the contact spring part of the fastening mechanism. Caps for buttons from Turkish manufacturers have different leg diameters. The leg of the 13.5 mm button head from the Chinese manufacturers is not suitable for the 15 mm alpha button fastening mechanism, its diameter is not enough to fix the ring part of the Turkish-made button spring mechanism. Details of the buttons of the Turkish manufacturer newstar have leg diameters of 3-4 mm and a height of 7-9 mm. Moreover, the corresponding buttons from China have leg diameters 1-2 mm less. This reduces the button life and is a significant disadvantage of the Chinese mid-range alpha buttons.It is easy to get confused about what alpha buttons look like, but with trial and error you can easily distinguish between these sizes.
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