Types of zippers, sliders differences, select and replace a slider!

Types of zippers, sliders differences, select and replace a slider!
First Lightning was developed in 1891 by American inventor Whitcomb Judson Leon. It was the world's first prototype of a zipper, a far from perfect design was very different from the modern zipper. Only in 1923 the invention was widespread due to refinements Swedish engineer Gideon Sundbeka. From that moment began the rapid development of construction and types of lightning. Currently, the undisputed leader in the manufacture of garment accessories and high quality zippers, is a Japanese multinational corporation YKK® Group, bringing together over 115 companies in 60 countries. YKK® Group a world leader in the production of zippers and buckles controls half of the world market of lightning. With the company cooperated several leading garment manufacturers, including Levi's, Mustang, Wrangler, Lee and others. The company was founded in 1934 by Tadao Yoshida in Higashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Only in 1946 a lightning YKK-zip has been applied in the manufacture of uniforms for the Japanese army, and from this moment Tadao began to conduct intensive development in the improvement of its products, which lasts to this day.

Currently, there are three main groups of lightning:

SPIRAL (twisted) ZIPPER - is a structure consisting of synthetic fishing line wrapped in a spiral. Fishing lines, in turn, either sewn to the band, or wound on the braid. Fiber formed in such a way that it formed a projections which engage the same projections on the opposite side. Depending on the width of the units are following the most common sizes of spiral lightning: Type 2, Type 3, Type 5, Type 4, Type 6 Type 7 Type 8 Type 10. Accordingly, for each type of approach is consistent with the sliders (sliders) - device connecting links zippers. The most common sizes of type 4 (Trousering lightning), type 5 (lightning for clothes and bags), type 7 (shoe lightning).

Slider for each lightning has the features of the structure. Below is an example runner to spiral zipper type 5 and type 7. As you can see in order to distinguish between the sliders, you must pay special attention to the base of the thumb. For helical (twisted) lightning tip of the sole runner has rounded edges (red bar). For runners size 7, the upper corners of the top and more direct that as seen in the photo.

Particular attention should be paid to enhanced runners shoe type 6 and type 7. Plant "MOLNYA" for over 20 years produces zippers and sliders for them on the Italian equipment "RIRI". Spiral zippers have a lower height level than those of other manufacturers. As a result, the slider to such lightning has a different structure, as seen in photo 3. The main difference from the standard runners - the sole thickness is much thicker and is 3 mm. Runners are only suitable for this lightning have the following sizes and type 4 and type 6 for the twisted lightning. This slider has a high wear resistance, intensively used in the shoe industry.

More complex designs have zipped for sealing compounds used, for example, waterproof and protective gear, such lightning requires careful maintenance, otherwise it quickly becomes unfit for use. Now very common rubber (waterproof) purl lightning type 5 and type 7. Visually, these lightning resemble ordinary twisted zipper, turned inside out links. In such a zipper slider also has a unique minor difference. If you look at the sole of the runner, which starts the movement of units, that are visible in the upper corners of the projections, which shifted links twisted lightning. So for these wrong zipper tabs located below, as seen in photo 4, and for the usual - from the top (photo 5). Slider for concealed zipper, the teeth of which are covered with tape and practically invisible, has a similar structure to the underside of the slider twisted lightning.

TRACTOR ZIPPER- consists of individual plastic teeth that are attached to the band. Currently, the most diverse shape of the teeth, which contributes to the robust and reliable connection. Tractor lightning durable, but less durable than spiral and metal zippers. Often, due to tooth loss occurs structure units and their breakage. As twisted lightning tractor also have their own runners. The most common sizes: Type 3 (a mini-raktor for pockets and trousers), type 5 (clothing), type 7 (outerwear), type 8 (working clothes and camouflage). As shown in Photo 7, the sole runner for tractors lightning is more pronounced lateral shoulders (in red) and a flattened top, which is associated with the structure of the units of lightning.

Also special attention is given to the lightning cast tooth size 7, the production of "Baryshevka". This zipper has a unique structure of the tooth, which contributes to more strong and durable connection. The picture 8 shows that the sole runner of the zipper has a more pronounced angle on the top and sides.
The lower sliders on the tractor double zippers have the same special structure. If you look in the section on the sole of the runner, the mechanism inside you will see a small ledge that helps lock slider on the lower guides.

 - zipper is visually similar to the tractor, but the teeth are made of metal, usually brass or nickel. Harvesting for the units is a flat wire. The teeth of lightning often asymmetric shape, each tooth has a protrusion on one side and the deepening of the other, but also occur with lightning symmetrical units, as shown in the picture 9. This zipper is very strong and durable. An example of a metal zipper slider is shown in photo 10. As you can see the corners and the top of the soles are more pronounced than in the twisted lightning. This is a major difference.

Just wanted to give another example of the structure of universal runners (photo 11). Due to its design, the runners are suitable both tractor and metal zippers. Sole Runner visually resembles a "crown" and approximately similar to the design for runners tractor lightning.

From all the above stated, we have a general idea of ​​the lightning-fasteners and structure of their runners. Also their structure can be identified more pluggable (picture 9) and one-piece zipper (photo 12) which are simpler in design and have two sides with simple construction constraints. At detachable zipper on one braid at the bottom (narrow) edges of the slider stopper has a small slot, which includes a pin on another tape. The pin passes freely through the opening slider and connects the lower edge of the tape. The load on the lower edge of the detachable zipper more than the rest of the braid, so they need to be strengthened.

There are options for runners design with protection against inadvertent rasstёgivaniya (pants and denim zipper), as a rule, the spikes that go between the lightning units and thereby impede the movement of the slider. In one such embodiment, the spikes are arranged on the stick slider (photo 12) and engage the clasp in its descent; in another embodiment are within the slider pins fitted spring (photo 13) and out of engagement with the teeth of buckles when a force is applied to the slider.

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