Catalog of manufactured garments at the lowest prices. Working clothes, camouflage, hats, shoes at producer prices. You have the opportunity to order the tailoring of products according to your sketches. Drawing of logos, embroidery by various methods - thermo-film, silk screen. What is a garment? What is it produced for? This question will be answered by the term clothes - a set of garments (made of fabric, knitted cloth, leather and fur) worn by a person in order to protect their body from the negative influence of the environment (weather conditions, insects, toxic substances and others); clothing performs aesthetic functions - creates an image (image) of a person, which makes it possible to judge its social role. It is supplemented with decorations, accessories, hair and make-up. There are two types of clothing: the shoulder and waist, depending on which part of the human body is the supporting one. Depending on the season and climatic zones, clothes are divided into types: summer, winter, demi-season and all-season. According to sex characteristics, clothes are divided into subgroups: male, female and child. The nursery is divided into: clothes for newborns, nursery children, pre-school, younger school, older school and teenage group. Thus, the garment is a product made in the sewing industry from all types of materials designed to improve human comfort. Sewing products include clothing, bags, linens and much more. The sewing product consists of parts, the copying of which is the final product. Sewing accessories also include sewing accessories: zippers, chains, threads, buttons, labels, ribbons, cords, braid, etc. You can easily find all this assortment on our website.
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