SewPlay - site sewing accessories wholesale and retail, a brief description!

    Online shopping is very rapidly infused into the daily life of man. While at home, at work or college, you can easily purchase any items you are interested in, without having to tread down heels, running to the shops or bazaars. The development direction of "hand made", has allowed us to create an online store "start sewing"! Here you can easily find and buy at the best price necessary goods for sewing, knitting, embroidery and please yourself and loved their creations.
For studios, shops and businesses provided discounts: when you enter the appropriate quantity of the goods package, the price will change for the wholesale in the basket of your office! So shop "start sewing" is both a wholesale and retail supplier of accessories for you!
We welcome every customer, so regular customers loyalty system, under which each permanent client after 1 year is assigned a status that allows you to make purchases with a discount of 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30 %, 40% or even 50%. It all depends on your aspirations and desires.
If you are engaged in online sales, we can also help you develop! Place our link on your page or site and become our partner, get discounts and notification of the beginning of the shares and sales! If you are a sales teams, you get a permanent 20% discount after the registration and we will send your orders to the specified addresses to your customers on your behalf!
In addition, we are always happy to hold the shares and the sale of fabrics, sewing accessories and equipment. Watch for our work, take part in the life of the site, discuss, Negotiate new items, make suggestions and you will definitely get a reward from us!