Observe the rules of fitting site "Sew Play"

Dear clients and users of the site sewing accessories "start sewing" We are pleased to see both retail and wholesale customers in our store. Therefore, there is no binding site for minimum order. For a more convenient and efficient operation of the site and its employees ask you to observe a number of rules needed. To ensure quality service and fast delivery of mandatory rules of the site.

  • Orders are possible to make out without registering, but registered users are able to track their orders to take part in actions, to get discounts and a newsletter, post a comment.
  • Minimum order is not provided. Customers whose accounts are assigned to groups that receive discounts depending on the amount of the order.
  • Collecting issued the order is carried out within one day. If you paid your order before 14:00 pm, it will be shipped the same day.
  • Orders are issued via the website shopping cart, weight of the parcel is indicated in the basket of this index depends on the amount of further delivery.
  • A piece of cloth and roll materials, resulting in a broken package integrity, non-refundable. Therefore, we are trying to indicate in detail the characteristics of the item card.
  • Order amount urgent 3 days of receipt of the notification to the site administrator. If you did not warn us about the delay of payment, after this period the order will be revoked.
  •  For quality and delivery responsibility of courier service, so check carefully the package integrity and sending its contents directly from item receipt.
  •  Orders cash on delivery without prepayment only sent TK "Nova Poshta" confirmed authorized customers. Otherwise the customer has to pay an advance payment of double the rate of delivery of TC "Nova Poshta".
  • Customers who are engaged in spam, copying the content without the knowledge of the administration, will be placed in the black lists of relevant resources, ip-address is blocked on all partner sites!
  • Calls to these telephone numbers are relevant from 9:00 until 18:00, after this period, the site goes into operation on-line: email, chat window.
  • Orders are sent to other countries only on a prepaid courier "Post of Ukraine". Shipping is $ 50 if any amount of the order. From 2 to 4 weeks.