How to install buttons, eyelets and other sewing accessories?

How to install buttons, eyelets and other sewing accessories?

There are many methods of installing sewing accessories, ranging from a hammer and ending with professional equipment that can install several types of sewing accessories at the same time. Consider the most appropriate method of installation using a press and special nozzles (matrices). Manual installation of sewing accessories with the help of a hammer and special tips will not be considered, since a large number of defects are associated with this method, as well as a poor choice of nozzles. But, as for me, for home use several times a year is quite a good way. Therefore, the best option for the system speed-price-quality is possible only with the use of a manual press. As you know, at the moment there is a huge range of sewing accessories on the market that needs to be installed: buttons, buttons, blocks (eyelets), holitens and so on. It is very important to understand that each type and size of a button, eyelet or holiten is set by a matrix designed specifically for a particular size and type.

There is no universal matrix with which you can install several types of accessories.

However, I want to share with you, my dear friends, some secrets that all novice masters should know and not only. Perhaps it will be interesting and ordinary housewife who wants to save the family budget and to please her husband, showing that she knows how. So, you want to buy a hand press, you understand that it will be useful to you in everyday life, perhaps in your small business, but you do not understand what you need to know about it. And you only need to know one thing: how many-sided do you want to use it? If it is enough for you to install the alpha button, several diameters of blochek (cringles) and holniten, then the most common Chinese-made press will suit you; following the link you can easily buy in our online store and familiarize yourself with its characteristics and price. On the market it is presented in green color, as seen in the photo, weighing just over 2 kg of cast iron alloy. On it you will be able to install alpha buttons with cap diameters of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, button No. 61 (Kiev, Dasha) with cap diameters of 15 mm, 17 mm, all diameters of holniten, including and double-sided, all the diameters of eyelets. When buying such a press, you should understand that the choice of matrices is not particularly large, and it will be extremely difficult to find them. Why? And the whole thing in the thread of the upper stem. The hole diameter is 8 mm, the thread pitch is 1 mm, that is, the thread on the die must correspond to these parameters, namely the thread M8. There is a small number of matrices on this machine on the market, but, as for me, for small workshops and domestic use, it’s not a bad option. Since the press is made in China, the fittings can be installed appropriately, otherwise the matrix will not work. It is possible to purchase a special adapter that is screwed into the upper stem and allows the use of Turkish dies with an inch thread of 6 mm * 1.25 mm. The abilities of such a machine are multiplied many times, since now you can install Turkish fittings on the corresponding Turkish dies, the variety of which is much larger than the Chinese ones. However, as practice shows, these adapters are not durable, with constant screwing-unscrewing of the wall of the adapter break, as their thickness is only 1 mm. I also wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the Chinese alpha buttons have their peculiarity: the fastening mechanism is the same for all cap diameters, which distinguishes them from the alpha buttons made in Turkey, where each diameter of the cap corresponds to its diameter of the fastening mechanism, only after 15 mm the mechanism remains unchanged.

Alpha buttons with different diameters of the Chinese-made caps can be installed with one matrix, one has only to purchase a special adapter for each diameter of the cap, which will significantly reduce your costs required for the purchase of matrices.

Also on this machine, having bought a special matrix, you can fit special blanks of buttons with fabric and leather. These matrices are quite expensive and require special skills in order not to receive a permanent marriage and throw out blanks.Consider the press of Turkish, Polish production. On the market, these machines are available in blue, violet, black and orange. Manufacturers Mikron, TEP-1, TEP-2, NEWSTAR and so on. The main feature of these presses is the diameter and thread of the top stem, which is 6 mm in 1.25 mm increments, the so-called inch thread, which is often used on cameras. Here the choice of accessories increases significantly: alpha buttons with cap diameters from 9 mm to 30 mm, button No. 61 (Kiev, dash) with cap diameters from 9 mm to 30 mm, greeper (baby) button from 7 mm to 20 mm, all diameters Eyelets, all types of holnites, covering special blanks with fabric and leather, punching holes of various diameters, installing specific accessories and buttons with stones and much more. Of course, this can be done on a green Chinese machine, but it is necessary to acquire the matrix along with the purchase of accessories in one place, otherwise you will encounter problems in the search for matrices.

On a manual press it is possible to install holitically with one matrix of a larger diameter, that is, by purchasing a matrix for installing holiten with a diameter of 9 mm you can install holitens with diameters of 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm.

The process slows down a bit, but by hooking, everything works out quite simply and efficiently. The alpha buttons of the Turkish manufacturer NewStar are distinguished by a fastening mechanism for each diameter of the cap, therefore, when installing these fittings, it is necessary to use dies for each diameter. The main difference between the TER-1 and TER-2 is the presence in the kit of the last special adapter required obtyagivaniya buttons. It is better to knock out blanks for covering the buttons with a special punch, the diameter of the blank must be calculated with the addition of 8 mm - 10 mm to the diameter of the button itself. Even on the market, not particularly often, there is a Chinese press with an M6 thread, the hole diameter of the upper stem is 6 mm, the thread pitch is 1 mm. There are few matrices for this press, mainly matrices for installing the alpha, holniten and eyelets buttons! However, our craftsmen, with the help of turning equipment, easily cut the thread of the M6 ​​into an inch and the press becomes more versatile, which allows the use of dies from Turkey. There are a number of presses, more expensive, with pneumatic engines and so on, but I would like to consider the best options, both in price and versatility. Basically, what we did. If you want to install sewing accessories quickly, efficiently and with little effort, while saving money, your time and nerves, buy one of the types of hand presses and do not break your head. As necessary, buy a matrix for one or another type of accessories, even in our store, the choice of matrices is quite wide. You will always be able to purchase the necessary for you in a short time. This will significantly reduce your time, increase your earnings and give your products a completely different look. This is not the cheapest option, but trust me, as a specialist, if you are already reading this article, it means that you are not just interested in this, you are directly involved in sewing. The key to your success is the quality of your products. Dare and all you get. In subsequent articles, I will tell you in more detail and show you how to install each type of hardware, the capabilities of your machines will increase many times ...

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