Satin Tape 7mm, color lime, length 25 m

Satin Tape 7mm, color lime, length 25 m


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Brand: China

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Satin ribbon is used in handicrafts for the manufacture of various products in the sewing satin ribbon is used to trim the edges of the product. Currently satin ribbon is widely used in paintings needlewomen weaving technique. This technique is easy to combine with embroidery of beads and other techniques. The site features more than 500 colors satin ribbons, including the color of haki, at the lowest prices, you can easily purchase ribbons satin 1 Babin without registration and minimum order. Delivery tapes made in any region of the transport companies "New Posht" and "Ukrposhta".
Width: 7 mm
Length: 25 m
Color: lime
Country of Origin: China