Zipper Baryshevka spiral reinforced type 6 two slider 60 cm - 150 cm, black sku 1590

Zipper Baryshevka spiral reinforced type 6 two slider 60 cm - 150 cm, black sku 1590


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Brand: PAO Molnya

Product Code: 1590

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Lightning twisted reinforced type 6 on a slider RIRI made on the Italian equipment. It used for sewing of outer clothing, cases, bags and military uniforms. Tooth width is 6 mm. Spiral zipper is made by special technology of thermal forming line and further to sew braid lightning. Teeth triple zipper sewn seam, which promotes product life, and are made of durable plastic, able to withstand all weather conditions. The total width of 40 mm lightning. Braid Twisted lightning type 6 is made of polyester yarn density to withstand the load at break of up to 100 kg, black lace zipper allows you to combine this with a variety of fabric patterns. The site "start sewing" may buy lightning twisted type 6 for two runner, black, 50 cm - 150 cm 1 piece without registration and minimum order wholesale and retail. Wholesale prices are on the order quantity of 50 pieces. ATTENTION! The characteristics of each monitor lead to discoloration photos, so the color of a goods picture on your monitor may have some differences in shades of color to the final product. Please take this into consideration when ordering. Successful you purchase a "start sewing" site.
Material: plastic
Length: 50 cm;60 cm;70 cm;80 cm;90 cm;100 cm;120 cm;150 cm
Product size: type 6
Color: black
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Quantity sliders: 2
Zipper type: spiral

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