Discounts when buying fabrics and sewing accessories

Discounts when buying fabrics and sewing accessories

    Get a discount on site sewing accessories and tissues "SEWplay" very easy and simple. To do this, you need to buy the product, multiple packaging, or be permanent registered customer. The cards of each product under the name specified discount when you buy a certain amount. Basically, wholesale prices are at multiples of the package, carton or crate. The site "sewplay" Customers are able to receive status and be connected to a dedicated group of clients. For unregistered customers, place your order for the first time, are the prices for the group of "BEGINNER".  to receive the discount, and the corresponding status, should be observed site rules, To make purchases online or be a partner site, namely to provide services, or be the owner of the relevant resources. Customers who want to make a design of prefabricated orders, get the status of "COMBINED ORDERS". How it works? You place an order for a certain amount of goods for a number of your customers, with discount prices on site for this group is 14% for any amount of goods. That is your privilege, because it is necessary to order the product multiple package discounts for ordinary consumers. Below are the customer groups that are in the process of use of the site "starts sewing" is produceddiscount when purchasing accessories and fabrics.

    BEGINNER - Customers who apply for an order for the first time. Shopping with no minimum order,discounts (up to 10%) are provided with the purchase of goods, packaging or foldbox. Wholesale price changes automatically. cash on deliverysent by prepayment equal to the cost of delivery at the rate of double"New Posht" shipping company. Possibility of ordering without registration. Members of this group do not participate in promotions and sales. They have the opportunity to study all materials  site.

    MASTER - Registered customers who have issued more than 20 orders. Shopping with no minimum order, discounts (up to 12%) are provided with the purchase of goods, packaging or fold box. Wholesale price changes automatically. Ability to send orders cash on delivery no pre-payment. The ability to examine all contents of the site, participate in promotions and sales.

    WHOLESALE BUYER - The status can be assigned to a one-time, in the order of at least 200 USD. Discount on most goods is 14% with the purchase of 1packaging or box. The price of all the goods is changed immediately after the assignmentstatus and the entrance to his office. Cash on delivery is maintained.Possibility of the order of payment by bank transfer. Minimum order inthe basket 200 USD. Only for registered customers.

    PARTNER - Clients, entrepreneurs, members of the site who are working with us on favorable conditions, provide their services or goods are placedlinks to their sites and groups. All goods are sold at a discount of 14%without taking into account the amount of the possibility of deferred payment for 25 days,the possibility of canceling payment. The status is assigned onlyregistered clients who have been moderation.

    COMBINED ORDERS - Customers who are engaged in design teams of orders. Status assigned after the provision of data, web links, or group in social networks. Almost all the goods are sold at a discount of 14%.Possibility of shipment and picking on your behalf.One-time payment for all orders. Cash on delivery is not supported.Advance payment and reservation of goods.

For foreign customers all statuses are maintained, the only difference is the amount of delivery, which is 50 US dollars for any amount of order and the weight varies from parcel.

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    Ordering on the site sewing accessories and fabrics "start sewing" takes a few seconds! To do this, you need to select interesting items, read its specifications and press the "Buy" button. For products with optional: length, diameter, width, and so on, before adding to the cart, specify the desired size, which will be displayed in the order invoice. If you know the characteristics of the product, you should just click the icon    in terms of the photograph and the goods will be added to the cart, the amount of added goods can edit in your shopping cart.&nbs..

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